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2020 Disc golf season – How it and everything else came to a sudden stop

Mid February is rolling around. You’re signed up for the first tournaments of the season. In our case, we had just came to agreements with the PDGA and the DGPT on covering the whole season. Something very new to us was tour life in general. We had spent the beginning of February gearing up, making sure VANessa Hudgens and RV-1 were in tip top shape before setting off west for the The Las Vegas Challenge and the Memorial.


Packed up and ready to leave the morning of February 16th. Everyone says their goodbyes. Then we set off! Six of us, four in Kris’ truck and Bob and I in the Van. Our first disc golf stop was the next morning in Tucumcari. The course with the big disc golf billboard. We continue making our way to Vegas with a few more stops between. Crossed the Hoover dam. Saw all the sights. We were ready for the 2020 season to begin.

And did it start off with a BANG! Second round of the Las Vegas Challenge Garrett Gurthie finds himself on the third card. Ready to make moves he finds himself 5 down thru 6 going into hole 7 of the Innova course. A par 4 – 432 ft hole with OB everywhere. Garrett sends his Emperor on hyzer over the water. You all have seen the video. The Geese cant even contain themselves. He cards the Albatross and sets his eyes on the lead card.

Vegas came to an end and we were off to Scottsdale for the Memorial. SPOILER ALERT. Can you say Paige Pierce show? She shoots 4 consecutive 1000+ rated rounds one being the 3rd highest by a woman. And ends up winning by 14 strokes. Being able to watch from behind the camera was defiantly a treat.

Waco rolls around next week. We also start to hear grumblings of a new virus. Round one goes on as planned with no worry in the world. It gets edited and we’re in the middle of commentary the next day when we get a message from the Disc golf pro tour saying that Round two will be the final round. Sending everyone into a state of worry except for Colton Montgomery. Who decided to turn his for on airplane mode despite the turmoil happening around him. Using that peace to keep his head level and to take down the victory from the second card!

Before the end of the day what was just a cancelled third round turned into an entire month and a half of cancelled tour. Leaving hundreds of discgolfers wondering.. where do I go next? What do I do Next? What is the right decision? With courses closing down and the PDGAs stance on “stay home”. Many are taking measures to keep their disc golf game sharp. Simon, with his fun Challenges keeping everyone engaged. Paige and Nate, with their southern California Discgolf paradise. What are you doing to keep your game sharp at home?

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