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Friends and Foes: Luke Humphries and Kevin Jones dominate Round 1 of The 2023 Las Vegas Challenge

As the 2023 Disc Golf Pro Tour season kicked off with the Las Vegas Challenge, two players quickly emerged at the top of the leaderboard after Round 1 - Luke Humphries and Kevin Jones. This isn't the first time that these two friends and touring buddies have found themselves near the top of the leaderboard together.

Last year, Humphries and Jones both had strong showings at the Las Vegas Challenge, with Humphries and Jones finishing tied for 4th. This success set the tone for their seasons and helped establish them as two of the top players in the game.

What makes Humphries and Jones so successful is not just their individual talent, but their friendship and practice routine. They often travel together and stay at the same places, practicing together and pushing each other to be better. They've developed a strong bond and level of trust that translates to the course, where they support each other and offer advice during competition.

Friends and Foes: Luke Humphries and Kevin Jones dominate Round 1 of 2023 Las Vegas Challenge
Luke Humphries, Kevin Jones, Matt Orum, Jake Hebenheimer in Las Vegas

Their all-around game is impressive, with both players possessing the ability to throw for distance, putt with accuracy, and navigate tough courses. But it's their mental toughness that truly sets them apart. They remain focused and composed under pressure, a skill that comes from their friendship and the hours spent practicing and competing together.

Of course, there are many more rounds to play in the Las Vegas Challenge and throughout the rest of the season. But for now, it's clear that Humphries and Jones are once again two of the players to watch. Their friendship and practice routine have made them a formidable duo, and they will undoubtedly continue to push each other to new heights as the season progresses.

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