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Ricky Wysocki Spills The Beans on His Life and Tour Predictions

Ricky Wysocki, one of the most talented disc golfers in the world, recently appeared on the "Go Throw Show" podcast hosted by Luke Humphries to discuss his life since signing his new contract. With financial success now within reach, Ricky opens up about his journey and shares his excitement about his new home in Scottsdale.

The conversation starts with Luke asking Ricky about his new contract and the financial stability it brings to his life. Ricky is grateful for the opportunity and shares that he's using this success to give back to those who helped him get where he is today. He talks about his parents, who have been his biggest supporters throughout his career, and how he plans on helping them in any way he can.

Next, the conversation turns to Ricky's new manager, Fern, and the change in management from his former manager, Arri. Ricky is excited about the change and feels that Fern will bring a fresh perspective to his career. He also reflects on his time with Arri, who he says helped him grow as a person and a player.

Ricky also talks about his new home in Scottsdale, Arizona, which he describes as a dream come true. He shares that he's always loved the area and the warm weather makes it perfect for practicing and training. He also mentions that his new home is close to several disc golf courses, which will make it easy for him to stay in shape and continue to improve his game.

The podcast is a must-listen for all disc golf fans as we get a rare glimpse into the life of one of the game's greatest players. Ricky's openness and honesty about his journey, financial success, and new home make for a fascinating and inspiring listen. Whether you're a fan of disc golf or just interested in learning about the lives of successful athletes, this episode of the "Go Throw Show" is definitely worth your time.

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