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The Disc Golf App That's Getting Me Through Quarantine

Are you stuck at home bored out of your mind? Are your hands blistered from missing your 87th putt in the garage? Have you watched every GK Pro video on YouTube and are wondering what to do next? Well don't worry because I have solution for you. Disc Golf Valley!!!

Disc Golf Valley is by far the best disc golf game on the market (this IS NOT a paid advertisement lol). I first saw the game on Simon Lizotte's YouTube channel a couple weeks ago and have been playing it ever since. Disc golf still isn't exactly a main stream sport yet so I had low expectations for the app but after playing just a couple rounds, I love everything about it. The graphics are awesome, the disc flights and ground actions are accurate, and multiplayer only takes a couple seconds to find a match online. There's also a flyover of all the holes to give the player a more accurate perspective on where to land safely.

There's five game modes on the app that gives the users different playing options. There's Challenge the Valley, Tournaments, Pro Tour, Practice, Multiplayer, and Play with Friends. Challenge the Valley is where you unlock maps as you go by scoring at least 1 out of 3 stars on each course. The Tournament mode is against the computer while the Multiplayer and Pro Tour are against actual online users. If you want to play with a select group of people then Play with Friends is the game mode for you.

It's cool that the app allows you to throw real discs from the Latitude 64 lineup since thats the primary sponsor. You start off with just a Dagger and work your way up to distance drivers. I just wish there were more courses on the app but I'm sure there will be as it seems the game is growing all throughout the disc golf world. I also think this is a great way to get new faces to the real course. I've suggested this app to a couple friends that don't play disc golf at all and they absolutely love it too. So if you're stuck at home and have nothing to do, download Disc Golf Valley and get to playing.

Oh yea one more thing... IT'S FREEEEEEEEEE

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